Why use an EM Pump?

On April 30, 2014, in Guides, by Terry Crew


The ghost hunting world has always been based upon the fact that paranormal entities are comprised of energy.  EMF detectors, essentially test for electrical fields in the air, or debunk them by leading you to the source.  Even temperature drops play a large part with energy.

During an investigator’s lifetime, they will inadvertently hear someone cry out, “The ghost is sucking my batteries!”, and the while the idea has some validity, a skeptic might say that it was actually just a bad case of forgetfulness.

EM Pumps create an electromagnetic field that can allegedly feed paranormal entities.  I never believed it myself until I put one in action.  In just a few minutes, we had some of the best evidence we’ve ever witnessed – things moving by themselves, strange noises, and most alarmingly, possible contact.

EM Pumps are made from a motor propelling a magnet at speeds that throw its force into a field.  Definitely keep it away from other electronics, as is the case of anything involving magnets.  To see if it is working, just hold it next to a K2 meter and watch the lights jump!

We have actually manufactured our own EM Pumps.  You can look and buy one here.

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