Uses of the Ovilus – Review.

On March 6, 2014, in Theory, by Terry Crew


Our group recently obtained an Ovilus M.  We were very excited when we got it, because it really is a nifty piece of equipment.  But, after using it for an investigation, I came upon the realization that, if used in the wrong hands, it could really feed to the power of suggestion.

Consider our recent investigation into the Old Hamilton County Jail, in Jasper, Florida.  In one sitting, it only spat out two words: teacher, opening.  A teacher opened the doors for us, opened our opportunity to come into the jail.  Pretty accurate in such a short setting.  It truly makes you wonder if a spirit has the ability to manipulate the box to make it happen.

Invoking the Ovilus did not seem effective at all though.  I sat there alone, and asked multiple times, for the spirit to tell us what month it was.  It was not at all effective.  But, do ghosts actually have the power to tell time?  Especially when it matters so little to them.  Was the question biased or doomed to failure to begin with?

The way that I see the Ovilus being dangerous, is when people start to make up their own history or explanation for the way things are or should be.  In the women’s portion of the jail, we kept hearing the word “food”.  Then it just started going crazy with things like; moaning, pain, outside, happiness, moaning, barter, trade, hide, food, power, death.  In my own mind, I could feel myself starting to come up with a story.  Here’s the story that I came up with.

In the times of the operation of the jail, there were women who would be arrested and taken from their families.  They spent time in the jail, and would look outside and see potential happiness.  But, inside the cells, they were at the mercy of the jailer.  Were the women abused?  Did they have to work for their food?  The story that the human mind can come up with can be ultimately deceiving and untrue.  This is why I consider the Ovlilus to be deceiving and dangerous.

Later in the night, when the Ovilus was in use, another short burst of words seemed intelligent enough to be a response.  When we asked for a spirit to tough a copper wire, it said to “fool yourself”, and then the light went off for EMF activity.  But, when the box started spinning its stories again, it almost seemed whimsical and up to the interpretation of whoever was listening and had the most creative tale to come up with.

Upon the Ovilus’ box and instructions is a clear warning, that this is for testing purposes only and should not be treated as pure evidence – but if used in the right context, I think it can be great supporting evidence.

3 Responses to Uses of the Ovilus – Review.

  1. Nice review! Thank you!

  2. Michele Rusk says:

    I appreciate an honest, unbiased review. Thank you.

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