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Interested in going on a Paranormal Investigation Tour with us?  You’ve come to the right place…


Join the Agency for Eternal Justice on an actual investigation – not a ghost tour.  This unique opportunity pairs you with actual investigators, taking you to some of Central Florida’s paranormal hotspots.  You will be given the opportunity to use the actual equipment that the team uses during their investigations on their quest to investigate the other side.

1. Pre-Investigation & History.

We begin every tour with background information on where we are going and what to expect.  This includes historical records, and not just tall tales.  What good is a story to a true investigator, if that is all that it is – a story?  Going into a place without proper knowledge can make an investigation end without results really fast.  And, lets face it – we’re here to see results.

This step identifies:

  • Potential trigger objects.  One prime example is a ball for a child spirit – can the child move the ball?
  • Establish location.    Have buildings moved, been burned down, or changed place completely?  Sometimes the City Hall that you see now, wasn’t always in the same building.
  • Differentiate between fact and fiction.  While history does lose things over the years, an abundance can be researched through public record, newspapers, and a good visit to the library.

2. The Investigation.

This is what people consider to be the fun part of what we do.  Take you around, and show you the places where spirits are supposed to walk.  Consider the following though; spirits have choices too!  They can often sense the attitude of people who invade their space.  Are you coming in as a non-believer, skeptical, and ready to disprove everything?  Or do you truly want to believe?

Equipment and tests we use, include:

  • IR Thermal Scanners.  These measure the surface temperature of objects.  My personal favorite piece, because if you get an unexplained temperature drop – it’s time to run!
  • EMF Detectors.  A staple piece to an investigator, it measures electromagnetic fields.  Why is this important?  Considering that spirits are said to be comprised of energy, it can tell you if there’s a variance.  It also helps in the debunking of power lines, cell phones, or microwaves in use.
  • Flash Photography.  Yeah, you definitely have the opportunity to catch an orb or two!  But we will help you differentiate between orbs (which have intelligent motion), and dust.
  • Video Recording.  Night vision, and just with a light.  The value in recording things, especially with a static camera, is that you can catch things that are different.  You can also view intelligent movement of orbs much more easily.
  • UV Flashlights.  These allow you to see things that might be invisible to your normal eye.  In our line of work, this could possibly be blood.

3. Review Phase.

You can collect the most evidence in the world, and enjoy a good investigation – but it all means nothing if you don’t go through all the evidence you found.  We wonder how many full apparitions were captured, but nobody ever looked closely enough at the photo to find it.  Sometimes, it takes a second set of eyes.


One piece of ‘evidence’ collected during an investigation.

Location Specifics:

Lake Eola (Available Days and select nights.) –

Use additional pieces of equipment such as dowsing rods. Also, participate in research technique’s such as a sensory deprivation exercise. The tour also features natural downtown beauty and wildlife.

Downtown Kissimmee (Available nights.) –

Use additional pieces of equipment such as the spirit box and specific trigger objects. Investigate outside of one of our former investigation sites, and potentially uncover consistent apparitions.


We will post the videos we take of the night on Youtube for you to review!

You are welcome to post some of your evidence on our Facebook page.


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