While there are several groups in the Paranormal Research field (namely the Believers, the Skeptics, and the Open-Minded), all researchers going into the field should be prepared to run into something ghastly terrifying – the idea of demonic presence and possession.

As a researcher on the fence of belief to non-belief, I truly want to believe in the existence of the Paranormal, but have yet to find concrete evidence.  One thing I do believe, is the power of belief.  If someone believes they are being possessed, or that there is a demonic presence in their home – it can really be a powerful thing.

Ironically, from all of my studies, an individual cannot walk into a house and become possessed in an instant.  It takes time.  And the individual is certainly not unaware of strange things happening.  This directly conflicts with popular television shows, which depicts individuals losing control in a moment’s notice.

Here are the Five+ Stages of Possession:


At this point, the individual opens themselves up to possession.  There are several ways to do so.  Starting with the most common – openly inviting.  While it can come in the form of open words, other things, like Ouija boards, are said to open up a giant spiritual net.  To hear it explained, strength and power is in belief – so when reaching out into the darkness looking for something to talk to, sometimes individuals hear a voice they never wanted to hear.

The next means is through satanic ritual and a blood sacrifice.  No, we’re not giving out magical words here.  But, the fact is that some individuals want possession.  Yearn for it even.

The final way, is said to be through divine will.  There is no recipe for possession here.

As you can see, unless you are truly looking for it, possession is not easy to stumble upon.  Be wary of your faith, and that of your team.  Members of our group feel comfortable in openly speaking with one another about what we are experiencing.  I won’t say that I haven’t gone to a fellow investigator’s home in the middle of the night to put out suspicions of a ghost.

It’s important to remember that even the strongest angel was said to be an angel of light.  Therefore, you should truly trust your gut feeling, and believe that the spiritual world (whether ghost or otherwise), has the true potential to outright lie.


At this stage, intelligent hauntings occur.  Dark shadows may appear for no reason, there may be tapping or sounds.  Things may move, with no real reason why.  The reason is to foster an environment of fear, where the individual becomes increasingly conscious to the spiritual world.

The individual may see what they believe to be ghosts or angels.  There may be strange liquids seeping from the windows and walls.  Power and trust come through the fear the individual emits.


At this point, the entity begins to seclude the individual and place them in a position where they may not find help.  The entire purpose of this, is to cause the individual to give up their desire to live and prevail.  It becomes torturous in nature, and is often a 24/7 thing.

The individual removes themselves from the presence of their friends and family.  The goal here, being that the entity wants the individual to choose damnation – often thought to be through the means of suicide.


When the individual becomes obsessed with the entity, and the entity with them, it is said to be the Obsession stage.  At this point, the individual’s life is consumed by the spiritual world.  In the same way that people can become obsessed with good things, their life begins to become consumed by one thing – in this case, something not so positive.

The obsession feeds ways to differences between what the person used to be, to the way they are now.  They are being fed what to do, and how to act, and act in an obsessive way that is hard to shake.


The second to last step is when the individual becomes possessed.  As you have read through this guide, it is not something that happens while skipping the first 4 steps.  At this point, there are several common symptoms:

  • Utter revulsion of holy symbols (crosses, holy water, the Bible).
  • Speaking in languages unknown to the possessed (Russian or Hebrew for example).
  • Levitation or things being lifted off the ground.

We could definitely list a lot more in this section, but lets just become grounded with the hope that this never happens.  And, if it does, I would suggest contact a psychologist, and someone in the clergy of whatever church you have the closest relation.

The Last Stage is Death:

The eventual goal of every possession is death.  One thing to consider, is that many famous murderers who committed the most viral atrocities, claim that they were possessed at the time of their crimes.  Does demonic possession cause people to kill others?  While I have no personal experience with it, I believe it is a possibility.  The very real fact is that even if you are safe from possession because you choose not to participate in the stage of invitation, does not protect you from your fellow group members actions.

The demon’s eventual goal is to kill it’s host.

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