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Osceola Center for the Arts

2411 E. Irlo Bronson Hwy.

Kissimmee, FL 34744

(407) 846-6257

Contact: Jeremiah Krievinchuk


December 17, 2013


Members Present: Terry Crew

Ryan Roberge

Emmanuel Hishmeh

Keishla Burgos

John Castrianni

Joel Barnas

Chad Ridge


Weather: Cloudy, crescent moon.  No rain.  Approximately 60 degrees Fahrenheit.



There are several apparitions that patrons, actors, and employees of the Center claim to have seen.  The most prominent, is known simply, as the “man in plaid”.  He has a red plaid shirt and black suspenders, and has been seen in the Box, dressing room area (specifically near the wash), as well as in the auditorium itself.  His aura is allegedly foreboding, and he seems very stern, never saying anything to anyone.  He is possibly Charlie Beauchamp (one of the founders the Center), keeping watch over the theater.

Another apparition, is that of Catherine Beauchamp.  There were no first hand accounts of anybody seeing her.  Strangely enough, everyone believes that if there was an ghost in the Center, it would be her.  She was a founder of the Center, and wrote several books worth a read; “Look Whats Happened in Osceola County” and “Family Ties and Tales”.  She is described as being “quirky”.  Her portrait can be found at the theater, along with her husband.  The theater itself is named after her, while her husband was the first Director (found on a plaque in the box office).

Tim Anderson was another name that was mentioned several times.  According to lore, he was a former employee who was fired.  He vowed to reap his revenge on the theater.  According to the tale, he died shortly after his firing.

The final apparition is presumed to be a former tech named Fred.  There are several accounts for Fred; 1) he was a tech, that fell from the cat walk and 2) that he was a tech that worked there, and his ashes were spread across a “dead tree” that can be found in the theater.



The Center for Arts was established in 1969, through donations in the community.  It was known as the Art and Culture Center of Osceola County.  Originally, there was just the Catherine Beauchamp theater, and as time passed the additions were made to the sides, as well as the second theater itself (which also houses the offices).

In the 1960’s, there were several well known groups such as the Footlight Theater Guild and Osceola Players.  These groups would meet outside, and the members, specifically Margaret Carroll Bast, were tired of being eaten alive by the mosquitos.  Mrs. Bast, as well as Mrs. Beauchamp, worked endlessly to get the group a building.

Originally, it was thought that having just a building for a performing arts group would be too far of a bound for the community to make.  So, to spread the attention, several other groups were involved; musicians, and visual arts. There is still a music room and room dedicated to displaying art to this day.

There have been no recorded deaths at the Center.

In the early 2000’s, the Center fell on hard times, financially.  Through the direction and leadership of Edward Moore, it regained its financial stability and sense of prosperity.  In recognition, the second theater (which also houses the offices), was named after him.  Allegedly to retire after a few years, Moore has since stayed on and continued leadership of the Center – heading major refurbishment and growth.


The Night Of:

The group met around 4 PM for interviews.  Manny met with Edward Moore first, who acts as the Center’s director.  He asserted the existing of paranormal activity – in the form of good luck, saying that they have been watching over the Center and contributing to it’s prosperity.  Following, interviews with Stephanie Day (Children’s Theater Director) and Jeremiah Krievinchuk (Operations director) proved informative and “interesting”.  Stephanie claims to have seen a light hovering over the front of the auditorium, while Jeremiah asserts to have heard and seen evidence of people in the catwalk about the Catherine Beauchamp Theater.  To see if there was any influence from their peers, we threw some questions in about an entity named “Rebecca” – which nobody said they had heard anything about them.  The interviews concluded with Erin Mohr, the set and lighting director – who claims to have seen the infamous man in plaid.

The group commenced it’s investigation around 8 PM, in the Edward Moore theater.  Turning the lights off, the group conducted a quick sweep with EMF detectors, a spirit box, as well as a radiation detector.  As it is the new theater, there wasn’t much of a reference to build off of in order to prove the existence of a paranormal entity in the theater.  However, in due diligence, nothing was found.

The group then moved to the Catherine Beauchamp theater, where the surveillance system was set up.  A preliminary sweep was done by Terry and Manny, which showed promising hot spots in the Workshop, Dressing Room, Painting Room / Class Room, Music Room, and the Tech Booth.  Several of these were identified as hot spots by staff and patrons.

The static night vision cameras were placed with one in the dressing room, once focused in the room where Catherine’s portrait was found, one facing the booth, and one on the stage.  The group conducted a team meeting where two teams were created: Team A consisting of Terry, Manny, and Joel and Team B consisting of Ryan, JP, and Keishla.  Chad was placed on monitors (for the static cams).  Team A took first turn on the inside, while Team B went in the Auditorium.

Team A split into three rooms; Manny went in the Changing Room, Joel went into the Workshop, and Terry went into the Green Room.  Then they switched through the three rooms (also cycling in the Booth).  When Terry was in the workshop, he encountered a moving chain near the raising door.

Towards the end of this session, Team A moved the portrait of Catherine from the Green Room to the front of the stage.  There were no present EMF or temperatures fluctuations.  No other evidence was encountered during this session.

Team B stuck together and went through the front lobby and music room.  They heard noises in the box office, and Ryan claims to have seen something in the music room.(this was debunked).  In the art room, JP says he saw something, but nothing was seen.  The group spent some time in the lady’s room, but nothing happened.

The groups then switched.  This time, Terry thought he saw something in the women’s room.  EVPs were conducted in the music room, classroom, and art room.  The consensus is that, while nothing was found in the art room, there was a high level of tension and pressure felt by group members.

Team B heard noises in the Dressing Room, and had difficulty breathing in the Green Room.  There were a few temperature and EMF spikes to support this as well.  This was recorded on static cams which were focused on EMF detectors.

The groups got together, and Ryan and Joel went up into the catwalk.  Ryan became emotion while talking to a combination of Tim / Catherine / George. He began crying, and when the spirit wished the rest of the group away, began answering some questions about who they were and what they wanted.  This is also reinforced by spikes in EMF (which was recorded on a static cam during the session).

The next session commenced near the rear of the stage by the workshop door.  Here, readings were displaying 6.66 on the EMF detector (with slight fluctuations).  Ryan, JP, and Chad began questioning the entity.  There were sulfur smells noted by several members of the group at this point.  After speaking with the spirit for nearly twenty minutes, reading subsided, noting the departure of the spirit.

While this session was going on, Terry and Manny reinvestigated the Booth.  Here, they found several spikes in EMF, as well as temperature fluctuations.


Supporting Evidence:

Team A’s investigation of the Workshop proved fruitful.  As stated, Terry thought he heard chains during his solo session there.  This was captured (the sound at least) on camera.  There has been no means of debunking this, as well as a floating green pulsing light.

In addition, both EMF and radiation detectors pin point the same location as being a hotspot during the preliminary walkthrough conducted by Terry and Manny.

During Team A’s initial investigation of the Art Room, there was a noted lonely chair sitting in the middle of the room.  A static camera was placed on EMF and radiation detectors.  Photographic evidence also shows a ghostly spirit almost sitting in the chair.

As far as EVP’s go, Manny received one during his session in the changing room (where the washer and dryer are).  We speculatively say that what was heard was “leave”.

Our surveillance system was able to catch an orb going from the portrait of Catherine, across the room.  We cannot explain what else this orb could be, other than a spirit caught on camera.



The team was split on the diagnosis for the Center of Arts.  The overall consensus being that the supernatural being here is 73% likely.

One belief is that it is haunted.  But, not in the sense that the world has grown to suspect.  The ghosts here are friendly, and only mean to care for the theater and promote it’s interests.  This could be supported by the lonely ghost in the chair, or even the chain clang.

Another belief, is that the ghost of Tim, seriously haunts the place.  The evidence supporting this would be Ryan’s EVP session where the readings on the EMF detector were 6.66, and there was a sulfuric smell.  In addition, it is the belief that the spirits are lying about who they are.

Finally, the skeptics in the group were not impressed by the evidence seen, and dissented from the rest of the group – saying there was not enough evidence of the supernatural in the Center.  HOWEVER, everyone does agree at this point, that the Center is a spooky place to be at night.

View the pictures from that night here.

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