The Old Gilchrist County Jail

313 NW. 2nd StreetTrenton FL, 32893


Arlene Hale, Janelle Profant

Investigation Date:

Saturday, April 5th 2014

Members Present:

Terry Crew

Chad Ridge

Emmanuel Hishmeh



Partly Cloudy, Warm High 82F Low 64F


Visions of shadow figures, unexplained noises and voices heard in different parts of building. Spiritual presences felt in some of the cells.


Built in 1928, The Old Gilchrist County Jail has a sorted history and lies in the backwoods of Trenton Florida. There were two sheriffs that were murdered at this Jail. In 1934, Sidney Slaughtered was murdered by three unknown men who were committing a bank robbery. His killers were never found and justice has never been served. A few decades later in 1956, Sheriff Mark Read was shot and killed at the Jail. He was responding to a domestic disturbance call. His murderer Harley Conner was found and executed for his murder. There was a house that was built as an add onto the old jail. A family resided at the Jail for a short amount of time because in 1968 the jail was closed. A newer and bigger county jail was built as a replacement.

The Night Of:

We arrived on sight and were greeted by Arlene and Janelle. They were eager and excited to show us around. Janelle gave us a tour of the jail and the house. We entered the upstairs jail cells, and I distinctly remember feeling uneasy in the big cell next to cell 8. This was the biggest cell of

them all. I felt as if something had brushed my arm. CeeCee and me both looked at each other as if something was wrong. We were all very eager to get started on our investigation.

After the tour Terry got the camera set up and Chad and Janelle sat down for a interview. She gave us some in depth history on the jail and about the two sheriff’s that were murdered there. After the interviews were completed, the team walked around outside and inside the building just before dark to get pictures and shoot b-roll. The investigation started at dark and the team split up into twos. Terry and Chad stayed down stairs and investigated the house and the cells down there. Manny and CeeCee took the upstairs and immediately started in cell four were we both felt the uneasiness. CeeCee reluctantly brought some trigger objects, we placed the objects in different cells up stairs and hope we would catch some intriguing evidence.

As the night went on we used a lot of different techniques in order to entice the spirits to come out and play we preformed EVP’s and took a lot of pictures. CeeCee introduced a new technique into our investigations by using white noise as a source of communication with spirits. We all eventually went into separate cells and tried to make contact alone. We ended the investigation about 12 midnight we were very tired from a long night of investigating.

Supporting Evidence:

The night was full of surprises, we took a lot of pictures that night and in some pictures downstairs and in some of the cells we got squiggle light lines these are very unexplainable since where we were did not have anything reflective in the room. Terry also got some very cool pics that he took of what looked like eyes right behind him. He took about three photos and all of them had these mysterious “eyes”. I quickly went down stairs into cell 2 and tried to replicate the pictures that were taken moments before and I did not get the same result. This is a great piece of evidence. We also set up a camera and recorded in one of the other cells upstairs and caught what looks like an orb zipping across the screen. We could not debunk this as a bug or as dust because the rate of speed it was flying was quite rapid and it was almost transparent. We also caught a set of eyes in the background of a video taken with CeeCee and Manny. There was also laughter (?) caught in one set of videos of Terry in Cell 8.


Based on the evidence (EVPs, photographs, and video evidence) that we captured while investigating the Old Gilchrist County Jail we as a group do believe it to be haunted.

We would like to thank Arlene and Janelle and the rest of the Old Gilchrist Jail Ghost Hunters team and we look forward to coming back soon and working closely with them on other investigations.


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  2. Mike Watson says:

    Sheriff Mark Read was NOT killed at the jail. He was ambushed by Harley Conner at Mr. Conner’s home in the north part of the county. Sheriff Read later died at Alachua General Hospital in Gainesville.

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