Moon River Brewery

Date: August 16, 2014

Location: 210 Bay Street Savannah, GA 31401

Contact: Josh


Terry Crew Manny Hishmeh CeeCee Maes Melissa Homa Steven Clark


High-93.9 degrees Low-75.9 degrees, Winds:5.4 mph, Precipitation-0%, Sunrise-6:49am Sunset-8:07pm, Lunar State – Wanning Gibson Moon


Founded in April 10, 1999 on the site of Oglethorpe Brewing Company. Moon River Brewing Company is the former City Hotel. The City Hotel was built by Elazer Early in 1821, and was the first hotel in Savannah and was also home of the first branch of the USPS office in the city. The City Hotel was closed in 1864. At the turn of the century it was then used as a coal & lumber warehouse. Once the coal & lumber industry had worn off the building was used as general storage. In the early 1960’s the building was renovated and then opened as an office supply store. The unfortunate closing was due to Hurricane David in 1979. The building sat vacant until 1995 when it was renovated as a brew pub.


There has been many staff & patrons of Moon River that experience the unexplained. Many of them have encountered violent occurrences such as being thrown, touched, slapped and even pushed by spirits. A popular known entity by the name of “Toby” has been guilty of pushing patrons & staff in the bars billiard room. A glowing apparition has been reportedly seen in the restaurant’s upper floors. During renovations in the 1990’s, a Foreman’s wife was allegedly violently pushed down the stairs. Since this incidence the upper floors remain in decay.


11pm, Upon arrival at the brewery we were given a full tour of all the floors and basement. There were many concerns of the decay in the wood flooring. We were told that the floor boards near the outer parts of each room were considerably weak & soft. Which made these areas unsafe and generally not in use. Upon entering the 2nd floor

there was a rush of hot air that would hit you as soon as you started heading up to the top floors. This is an uneasy feeling as if you were entering into the gates of hell. The second floor was used as our base camp as well as the managers office was on this floor and the employee lockers and back stairwell. There was also several storage rooms and a keg room that was not accessible. On the second floor the left staircase leading up to the third floor was unstable and not in use. The right staircase was recently damaged and the banister was unstable and the end of the banister was completely knocked down. We were informed to “hug” the wall when going up the staircase for our own safety. The top two floors, 3rd & 4th were uninhabited and had no electricity. The only light that was in use was a sensor light that led up to the fourth floor on the staircase. The back rooms of the third floor was completely blocked off due to safety concerns. The front two rooms were accessible. It seemed that all the floors and rooms that we had been into had at least one fireplace if not multiple. There was a freight elevator that went from the Fourth floor all the way to the 1st floor. We were informed that this was used sometimes to transport kegs & supplies to the main floor.

We began to fully set up base about 12:30-12:45am. There were two patrons left on the fist floor and several employees as they began closing up the brewery for the night. After all the employees had left Josh helped in turning out the lights and stepped into his office for the remainder of the investigation. We started on the third floor and began to use our EMF Detectors, flashlights to look for anything that support the haunting. After several EVP Recordings and photography we moved to the fourth floor. Several more EVP sessions were done as well as Ovilus experiments. We then moved to the basement where we took several more EVP sessions and also used the Ovilus with photography. During this time we were split into 3 groups. There were 3 of us downstairs in the basement and one on the 2nd floor conducting a Godsfield experiment with the ping pong balls and red light. And another just walking amongst all the floors taking more photography.

After several hours we all met up in the basement were we used several instruments such as spirit dice, dowsing rods, and the Ovilus. The spirit dice were unsuccessful with any accurate responses to the questions.
While using the dowsing rods we did receive a few very predominate answers. All these answers reached in the same direction that during this evening all that were there did not want to communicate with us and seemed to be afraid of our presence at the location. After several attempts at speaking and asking questions they all concluded with the same answer that there was no communication this evening. As the night concluded we all gathered in the dining room as did more EVP sessions, Ovilus experiments and photography. Thereafter as it approached 4:15 am we began to take down base and all our equipment.

Supporting Evidence:

There was one photo that contained an orb that was taken on the second floor in between the two front rooms. Also, while using the dowsing rods in the basement we did receive several clear answers that supported that there was no communication happening that evening.

During Terry’s session with the spirit dice, there were several clear recorded responses, that there were entities present, and that they were seeking, ‘FAME’. This occurred in the upstairs attic area.
Spirit box sessions proved inconclusive.

In Conclusion:

There are several things that are essential for investigators to know when going in here: 1) the time of the year can greatly skew your results. We came in the summer, and the top two 3 levels are unbearably hot. 2) Also, the street noise makes EVPs nearly impossible.

Our evidence supports the possibility of intelligent haunting, but because of a lack of clear scientific proof, we are unable to affirm or deny the possibility of a haunting.


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The Team at the Moon River Brewery.

The Team at the Moon River Brewery.

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