The Investigation of Lon Lon Ranch.

On February 20, 2014, in Investigations, Lon Lon Ranch, Videos, by Terry Crew

Lon Lon Ranch

Conway, Florida

Contact: Gwen Walsh


February 8, 2014


Members Present:

Terry Crew

Chad Ridge


Weather: Cloudy, crescent moon.  No rain.  Approximately 60 degrees Fahrenheit.



Lon Lon Ranch is situated in what is considered to be Old Conway.  Situated on the former land of a plantation, it is not far from a former slave home.  Residents of the home have spoken of finding a cat, but having heard it first (with no cats anywhere near their home).  They have also seen pale grey human-like forms outside of their house.

Inside the residence, they have seen ghosts assume the form of people (specifically a former room mate).  They have seen bursts of unexplained light, that has woken them up from sound sleep.  One resident claims that the house causes temporary memory loss, and that he loses track of time inside the house.

There is one former resident and child said to have died in the house.  Her name was Ida.  One also possible consideration is that a family member is watching out for Gwen.  Another consideration is that an entity has followed either Pablo or Gwen from a previous residence.


The Night Of:

Terry and Chad met at the house around 5 PM.  They were given a tour outside by Pablo, a resident of the house.  During this time, they filmed some basic b-roll for a YouTube video.  One of these videos has unexplained static pop out of the blue.  Chad also noticed that there were many things partially dug up from out of the yard.  This was later confirmed, by Gwen, who also said that she does not bring anything she finds inside the house.

The group came back inside, and began interviews.  First, Pablo was interviewed.  Then, Gwen took her turn.  The residents do have dogs, which were placed outside for the duration of the investigation.  A sweep of the house found a breaker box in the hallway to be an EMF hotspot (predictably).  Car light is also visible from the front road, which impacts the window to the left of the television, as well as the master bedroom.

Lights were turned off, and the investigation commenced.  For the first portion, the group performed EVPs while Terry took photos of the surroundings.  There was an exceptional amount of activity on the EMF meter, as well as the radiation detector, as the group spoke of former residents, such as Ida.

Terry got up and began photographing the rest of the house, while the group continued to ask questions to dwelling spirits.  Chad performed the knock test, and got amazing results.  At some point throughout the night, an orb was caught on video intelligently moving through the room, and entering Gwen (not leaving).  At this point, Chad remarked on video, and called Terry over to photograph.  Gwen began complaining about a pain in her neck.  Terry’s photographs caught an aura around Gwen, as well as a potential orb floating over Pablo’s head.

Gwen played a few songs on the ukulele, which caused the radiation detector to have significantly increased readings.




Based upon the evidence we received:


– The cat meowing on camera.

– EMF and Radiation detector activity.

– The recording of an intelligent orb, mixed with photograph evidence, mixed with a physical reaction.

– The results of the knocking test.


We believe that paranormal activity is present at Lon Lon Ranch.  We would like to revisit this property in the future with more equipment; including an Ovilus and spirit box, in order to further try to correspond with possible spirits.

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