The Curious Case of Happy Trails.

On January 16, 2014, in Happy Trails, Investigations, Videos, by Terry Crew

Private Residence Located in Kissimmee Florida.

Date: 1/14/2014, 1/16/14

Time: 17:00 – 22:00, 17:00 –

Moon Phase: Full Moon

Investigators Present:

Terry Crew

Manny Hishmeh

Robert Phillips

Amanda Ritter


The land has been sold a couple of times, but there are no apparent murders or other news-worthy things that came up with a preliminary search.  The property was recently purchased, and houses the remains of several old shacks.

Property owners claim to have seen a transparent white woman walking down the road.  Their animals have been acting strange, running into the woods unexpectantly.  In addition, one of their pet dogs came back from the wood seriously maimed.

While sightings have been few and in-between, our investigators have been working on learning some more information about the area, as well as the abandoned buildings that lie not the land.  The track to the old abandoned house is treacherous (with burrs, bugs, and wildlife).  In addition, the investigators had to cross a muddy stream bed.

The Investigation:

The investigators met up and conducted preliminary interviews with Amanda.  They learned of an old abandoned house on the property, and got some general directions and the assistance of a guide.

As they arrived at the opening of the woods, they abandoned their cars and four wheeler, to enter the woods.  At first, they were lost and could not find the proper clearing.  After the neighbors showed signs of concern, things were straightened out, and the group continued.

The group came to a small stream, with sinking mud.  As they attempted to cross it successfully, some of the group got muddy and wet.  They proceeded to find the house.  Inside the house, the building is falling apart.  Rafters have fallen, and an old fridge lays on its back.  There is an old water basin that lies on the ground.

Strangely enough, the place seems surreal and tells of a time long past.  A lonely key hangs above the door, waiting for one day, when its owner will unlock it and reclaim their home.

Day 2:

Lori, Manny, and Terry met during the day and proceeded to the house in the light.  When they got to the house, they noticed that there was a horse corral behind the abandoned house.  They explored this, and did several EMF, UV, and Radiation detector tests.  Nothing showed substantial promise to promote the existence of the paranormal anywhere near.  There are several basins scattered about, and exposed rusty nails that made the terrain difficult to explore.

In the end, the team returned with little evidence.


We did not find anything substantial that would indicate the existence of the paranormal, in or around the areas that we explored in the Happy Trails area.  While it was a fun trip – we have to say that there is no paranormal here.  Although, sometimes the paranormal only appear when things change – so the removal or destruction of the home we found may bring in some different spirits.

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