I can relate a  particular story that has haunted my family for years now… 

I was first told this by my mother, who I know to be a devout Catholic. She was once a nurse overseas, and she would work the night shifts at a hospital.  On her breaks she sometimes would stay the night there, as commuting for her was difficult at the time.  One night she was sleeping and awoke to a feeling of a pressure on her chest, accompanied by a feeling that she was being strangled.  She looked down, she screamed and screamed for help, and the rest of the nurses came in and laid a crucifix on her and the pressure quickly went away.

I thought this was an odd story because my mom does not talk of such things ever.  Later on in life, I remember hearing a similar story from my sister; one night she was sleeping and awoke to the same feeling.  Except in this story, she can recall looking down at her chest and seeing two red eyes.  This is also very strange because my sister is never known to speak about the paranormal because she is scared of it – maybe this is the reason why.

As for myself, nothing like that has remotely happened.  I can remember shadows in the night in my bedroom, but no pressure.  Has anyone else ever experienced anything similar to this?  I would really like to see what it could possibly mean and why it would go after several members of my family.

2 Responses to Strange Awakenings – Sometimes The Pressure Is Just Too Much.

  1. crystal says:

    Yes, as a matter of fact, I was just telling my husband of my experience as a child that caused me to sleep in my living room. The same thing happened to me once when I was asleep I felt pressure on my chest and my blanket was being 0ulled off and everything went solent. Then my phone rang bY my bed and sound came back. I ran out of my room so fast and never slept in there alone again. Then I had the same thing happen to me in my livi ng room where I saw a dark figure hover over me pressing down on me harder and harder until I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t move anything but my fingers and I turn the remote up on the tv as loud as I could and my dad came out yelling at me to turn it down. That was the last time I had that happen to me…thank god…

  2. Donald Thomas says:

    I have had this happen on several occasions, but have since been able to attribute it to sleep paralysis. It is the most fearful thing that I have ever experienced.

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