Spirits Lead to Capture of Shady Ghost Hunter?

On January 30, 2014, in News, by Terry Crew


If you come from the same school of thought that I do, investigations must be handled with genuine care.  Why?  Because you are infringing on the site of people’s feelings – homes where children were raised, people spilled their sweat, blood and tears.  And, if you believe in spirits, then you also must believe that they truly own your investigation site.

What happens when this isn’t the case?

Lets consider the story of Steven Foersch, a proclaimed case manager from the Pennsylvania Underground Paranormal Society.  He was tasked with handling paranormal groups, who wanted to come and check out the Norristown Preservation Society’s Selma Mansion – which is allegedly haunted.  He agreed to come out and accompany the groups, and then to turn in the money… only seven groups later – no money was ever turned in.

According to the man’s girlfriend, he acknowledged that he took the money, and said he was only borrowing it until he could get things under control.  Unfortunately, he felt that he was beyond the law of the living and the dead, because he stole from a Walgreens as well.

The ‘Spirits’ led the police right to him, but before he could be arrested, Foersch led them on a nice little escapade around town.  He was eventually apprehended, with an accomplish, and arrested on charges of theft and evading arrest.

You shouldn’t mess with the dead – they always know where you are at!

2 Responses to Spirits Lead to Capture of Shady Ghost Hunter?

  1. Lisa says:

    Let’s get the facts straight . I’m his ex and Founder of PUPS. Who turned him when I found insufficient funds in Selma’s books . I got him to admit he stole ,and HE said he borrowed it. I used that in the police report to have him arrested. 2nd you’re absolutely right . He also stole my identity and claimed tax fraud also, I’m the mother of his son. He had us all fooled .but not the spirits . The spirits had their hands in it They were the reason we put it together. We had no idea at first, thought they were just picking on him. Till we saw the pattern. I had a restraining order put on him. You’re right , the spirits are always watching him. Now he’s facing more charges elsewhere . Just wanted to straighten your facts a bit . Full story and all the audio will be out when the fiasco is over.

    • Terry Crew says:

      Hi Lisa, thank you for straightening some of those facts out. Would you like to post an article talking about exactly what happened? Everything that is going around the internet has a mind of its own!

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