The Agency for Eternal Justice
Annie Russel Theater, Rollins College; Orlando, Florida
By: Jon McCoy, AEJ Case Manager


Every once in a while, we will encounter a case that is high profile and sometimes it is amazing, and other times, is rather mundane and does not produce much evidence if any at all.  On May 31, 2014 we were  locked down in the Annie Russel Theater on the Rollins Campus in Orlando Florida over-night.

The night started out with a fast pace and with a lot of promise. I volunteered to be locked down in the basement for the start of the investigation where I did an OVILUS session with a live EVP play back. I did get a few hits on the OVILUS that were interesting, but nothing too concrete.  I later joined the rest of the team on the stage. We attempted to access the “Secret dressing room” above the stage but were unsuccessful in accessing the room.  Investigators on location were Manny, Terry, CeeCee and Jon.

CeeCee decided to lock herself down in the basement to conduct a Ganzfeld Experiment. The Ganzfeld Experiment is conducted by relaxing in a chair with ping pong ball halves on your eyes and a bright red light glowing in your face. You have earphones in producing a static noise. The theory behind the Ganzfeld Experiment is that if you cut off your sight and hearing that you will be able to tap into your telepathic senses, making you more of a conduit for paranormal activity. CeeCee  came up with some interesting results, and then it was my turn to don the ping pong balls and headphones. I swore I felt someone walk up behind me, kick the chair and brush the back of my head. It was rather interesting.

We joined forces yet again on stage and I came up with a brilliant idea. We as investigators use what is called trigger objects to help influence paranormal activity, and you can even use trigger events to produce the same results. I decided to play a song set from the hit musical “Phantom of the Opera” starring Gerard Butler, and then Manny pulled up a “Sweeney Todd” playlist on YouTube and played some of the music. We then acted out some of the scenes in attempts to lure out some paranormal activity and maybe spark a spirit to come out and act with us. Unfortunately, we came up with nothing. Perhaps the spirits thought that we were not Broadway worthy.  We caught several hours of both audio and video footage along with several hundred photographs, but outside of small personal experiences, we did not come up with any solid evidence. It is our solid and educated determination that the Annie Russell Theater is not haunted, but we will certainly enjoy coming back for a revisit.

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