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We believe in truth, first and foremost.  Our integrity remains uncompromised by the need to present results or maintain public interest.  The truth, when presented unhindered and untouched, is the most formidable weapon of any investigator.

We believe in integrity and doing what is right.  In this manner, we do not hop fences or trespass.  We believe in acquiring permission and acting in a manner that is always respectful and courteous.

We believe in education and passing on our knowledge.  In the past, information was a form of trade, worth as much as the food we put on our tables now.  With the internet, nearly everything is available at the end of your fingers.  By this standard, we are trailblazers in identifying paranormal locations, techniques, and publicizing lesser known information.

Mission statement:

To speak the truth that time has concealed.  To tell the stories of those who no longer walk our mortal paths.  To seek out and be the leaders in Paranormal education and training.

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Here are the members of our teams, along with a brief biography and description of what they do.

Terry Crew – Project Manager


   Terry Crew is a genuine believer in things unseen.  From an early age, he was always interested in the supernatural.  As a child, he was told that animals had eyes that could see things unseen to mankind, and would always pay attention to wherever their gaze would fall.  He has also closely identified with a gypsy, constantly on the move towards greener grass.

  As an adult, he has spent three years as an internet psychic, using empathic skills to offer insight into difficult situations of love, death, and decision.  According to him, most of his success comes from a basic communication skill – listening.  For the most part, he believes, people know what will make them happy – they are just too occupied to see the truth in their own mind.

  Terry thoroughly enjoys researching the paranormal and has been to a number of hot spots.  He can be identified through his blind bravery, no-nonsense mindset, and royal attitude of entitlement.  Educationally, he has numerous degrees in Business and Criminal Justice and continues with the long term endeavor of becoming a practicing Criminal Law Attorney.  Vocationally, he works in retail management, occasionally crossing the border into sales.


Manny Hishmeh – Public Relations Manager


Manny is known for his love of the paranormal, he is very curious about a lot of things and is always wondering what may come next in life. He has an adventurous itch and a comical but caring demeanor. A high school graduate, he now pursues an associates degree and working on becoming a registered nurse. His love and passion for others is what drives him. He finds the other side very interesting and loves the thrill of being a paranormal investigator. He can often relate to a kitten because he is often very curious but winds up into some trouble.


Chad Ridge – Production Manager


Chad has worked as a production manager for several companies, including Barnum and Bailey’s circus.  He also developed a video for the Biggest Loser, which earned the highest number of independent views on Youtube.  He is very fascinated with the Paranormal, but views things rationally and only with supported evidence.


CeeCee Maes – Investigator


CeeCee is one of the newer investigators with the group, but enjoys the adventure of the investigation.  She has read many books on the paranormal subject, including Sean Paradis’s Low Tech Ghost Hunting 101: Volume 1, which she has found very influential.  She has researched and provided the group with several tests for investigations, including bringing a larger focus to EVPs and white noise.  On the hunt, you will probably see her with a piece of equipment in her hand, and if you make a noise, expect to be tagged!



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