A Portal to Hell in Indiana?

On January 31, 2014, in News, Videos, by Terry Crew

Latoya Ammons moved into her Indiana home in 2011, and instantly started to notice strange occurrences.  Her three children grew absurdly disobedient, and the more that she tried to reprimand them, the more violent they became.  This went on for a couple months, with Lotoya consulting local churches, mediums, and anyone else who seemed to […]

Spirits Lead to Capture of Shady Ghost Hunter?

On January 30, 2014, in News, by Terry Crew

If you come from the same school of thought that I do, investigations must be handled with genuine care.  Why?  Because you are infringing on the site of people’s feelings – homes where children were raised, people spilled their sweat, blood and tears.  And, if you believe in spirits, then you also must believe that […]

Son Steals Father’s Corpse And Does What?

On January 29, 2014, in News, by Terry Crew

Grief is a part of life.  It is not absurd that people act different in regards to how they personally handle the loss of a loved one.  Some people cry.  Some people break things.  Some people make changes in their life.  Some pick up a bottle.  The truth is, everyone is different.  We all react […]

Strange Awakenings – Sometimes The Pressure Is Just Too Much.

On January 28, 2014, in Stories, by Manny Hishmeh

I can relate a  particular story that has haunted my family for years now…  I was first told this by my mother, who I know to be a devout Catholic. She was once a nurse overseas, and she would work the night shifts at a hospital.  On her breaks she sometimes would stay the night […]

Teenager Shot in Haunted Trespassing.

On January 27, 2014, in News, by Terry Crew

AEJ believes in securing permission for everywhere we go.  It may be a pain, and it truly limits where we go.  Sometimes it costs us money.  Sometimes it just delays us time.  But none of us are willing to jeopardize or livelihood. As is the care of a teenager in Worthington, Ohio.  Three high school […]

Ghost Hunters Burn Down Historic Louisiana Plantation.

On January 26, 2014, in News, by Terry Crew

The LeBeau Plantation house, also the oldest plantation in the New Orleans area, is no longer standing.  Not because of a tragic hurricane, or just as a result of old age – but because of the actions of seven professed ‘ghost hunters’.  The building had endured many years, having been a plantation, casino, and hotel. […]

The Legend of Spook Hill.

On January 26, 2014, in Investigations, Spook Hill, Videos, by Manny Hishmeh

Name of Investigation: Spook Hill Contact Information  5th St, Lake Wales, FL 33853 Date: 1/18/2014 Time: 2:30PM Lunar / Sun Cycle:  Windy, 57 Degrees Investigators Present: Manny Hishmeh, Terry Crew, Chad Ridge History: The legend dates back to the time when Native Americans still lived in the area. There was said to be a battle between a great Seminole […]

Analog Vs. Digital Voice Recorders

On January 23, 2014, in Guides, by Manny Hishmeh

During investigations voice recording is a must when doing EVPS.  There are two different recorders that you can use during an EVP.  An Analog voice recorder is an old school version of a recorder that uses miniature tapes that you can stop, rewind, and play back a recording on.  I personally find these a lot […]

IR Thermometers and Paranormal Investigations.

On January 21, 2014, in Guides, by Manny Hishmeh

When investigating an area of interest, we often use a tool known as an IR thermometer.  This device can be used to scan a persons surface body temperature.  Also,  you can use it to scan the temperature of a surrounding area.  It is thought that where there are drastic drops in temperature in a certain […]

The Ugly Side of Investigations – Dark Entity Education.

On January 18, 2014, in Theory, by Terry Crew

While there are several groups in the Paranormal Research field (namely the Believers, the Skeptics, and the Open-Minded), all researchers going into the field should be prepared to run into something ghastly terrifying – the idea of demonic presence and possession. As a researcher on the fence of belief to non-belief, I truly want to […]

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